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What is Veroboard?

Veroboard is a circuit prototyping board somewhere between solderless breadboards and printed PCBs. It allows you to make a more permanent circuit, which has more reliable connections than with breadboard, but without the expense of etching or ordering printed PCBs. It consists of strips of metal on a side of a board and a grid of holes spaces 0.1" (2.54mm) apart. This means you can solder most types of non-surfance mount ICs, resistors, capacitors etc onto them.

Who we are

We are Electronics PCB and parts provider located in British columbia, Canada and Veroboard is our Tradmark within North america. We Produce all our product and imported from different country into North America market. With over 30 years experience of providing electronics, we offer you high quality prototyping materials and components that wolud be target for many electrical experiement and productions.

What do we offer you?

At veroboard, we provide you Stripboards, Perfboards ,also known as pad per hole boards, Breadboards with different material like FR4 (fiberglass) and Phenolic in all sizes from 2"x5" to 11"x19"


Electronic PCB and Components - Veroboard Prototyping Circuit Materials - Pixel Print LTD. Canada

At VEROBOARD(TM) - we provide you with high quality prototyping materials such as Stripboard, Perfboard, Veroboard, Test Point Terminals, and other high quality electronic components, that meet our scrupulous testing standards.

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